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Donated sperm enables many people who cannot conceive naturally to have children. Aevitas Sperm Bank has a rigorous slection criteria and on average only 5 – 10 per 100 donor applicants are accepted.  Many infertile couples have been able to have children by becoming a donor sperm recipient through the use of donated sperm. It is a precious gift!

Please take note:

  • If you wish to make use of Aevitas Sperm Donors, you are not required to be a patient of Aevitas Fertility Clinic.
  • Aevitas Sperm Bank can assist with shipment worldwide – provided sperm donation is allowed within the country of destination.
  • Extra information available for some of our newer donors include: a handwritten note and results of an online psychological test. These will be available at a cost of R500 each or will be available to you when you buy a pregnancy space. Please inquire at if this is available for your shortlist of donors.

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