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    The sperm collected for freezing at ‘Aevitas Sperm Bank’ will be used at fertility clinics for conception of babies. It is for clinical purposes, not research.

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    An initial analysis will be done to ascertain the semen profile. (Costs for the analysis will be covered by the donor bank). Only donors with extremely good semen samples will be accepted. The analysis result will be given telephonically within two days after the sample is given.

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    Once accepted, a donor will be expected to donate twice a week with three days of abstinence between samples (eg. Monday & Thursday OR Tuesday & Friday). The times and days for donating are as such: Vincent Pallotti 07:00-13:00; Stellenbosch (by appointment only).

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    A blood sample will be needed at the third actual donation sample. A second blood sample will need to be given ONE MONTH AFTER completion of the donor cycle. (Costs for the blood tests will be covered by the donor bank). Donors will need to go to Vincent Pallotti Hospital. Blood samples collected will be used to identify any blood-related diseases (i.e. HIV, Hepatitis).

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    We will freeze 90 straws of semen in total. (An average semen sample will have enough volume to fill 8 straws). The time it takes for a donor to complete the donor cycle will depend on the volume of semen a donor gives and the regularity of his visits to the clinic. If the three days of abstinence between samples is observed the semen volume and sperm count will be high and more straws will be frozen. This, combined with regular visits to the clinic, will result in the donor finishing the cycle sooner.

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    A set amount of money will be given to the donor no matter what period it takes to complete the donor cycle. This will be paid as a lump sum after the second blood test results are available.

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    The following need to be submitted before the last donation:

    • Completed extended questionnaire (will be supplied)
    • Baby/toddler photos, at least 3-5 (will be shown to patients)
    • Adult photos (will be kept confidential)
    • A copy of a certificate of highest education (at least matric)
    • A handwritten note and a voice note
    • Online personality assessment

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